Day Trading For Dummies


Day Trading Software  v.1.0

Day Trading Software Primer for those interested in day trading online.

Solitaire for Dummies  v.

Solitaire for Dummies Learn and master 10 different Solitaire games.


Cellphone Video Convert for Dummies  v.

Cell Phone Video Converter for Dummies is a cutting-edge product which provides foolproof video conversion for your cell phone even for these who have no clue what a video format is.

Guitar For Dummies  v.1.0.1

The eMedia Guitar For Dummies is a fun and easy way to learn guitar quickly.

Piano For Dummies  v.2.0.1

The eMedia Piano For Dummies is a fun and easy way to learn piano or keyboard from the comfort of your home.

Rock Guitar For Dummies  v.1.0

The eMedia Rock Guitar For Dummies CD-ROM makes learning quick and easy with over 70 audio and video-enhanced guitar lessons and rock gear tips.

Brain Training for Dummies®  v.

Thought, memory, imagination, behavior - your brain is the starting point for all these, and just like bodies, brains need exercise. As anthropologist George Dorsey said once, the more you use your brain, the more brain you will have to use.

Forex For Dummies  v.1.0

Free Forex eBook for people that want to learn about trading foreign currency.

Day Picker for HTML Forms  v.1

The Day Picker is a simple, easy to use Flash-based component that you can include in an HTML form.

Basic Spanish For Dummies  v.

Hotel, Bank and Store. You’ll find what you need with both phrases and words written in English and their translation in Spanish with audio playback. 2. Dictionary – Commonly used words in both Spanish to English and English to Spanish formats.

DIY for Dummies  v.

Learn, build and fix anything Become "the handyman" in your home, learn the tricks about how to use tools and D.I.Y techniques in the easiest and fun

ManusRisco™ Stock Day Trader  v.1.0

The ManusRisco Stock Day Trader application is ideal for those involved in day trading Stocks and/or Mutual Funds.The ManusRisco Stock Day Trader application can be used with any type stock or mutual fund traded on any type of market.

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